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Probably a bad idea. Especially if you have kids.
Smart phones near kids have a shorter lifespan than most goldfish.
If you want to ensure that these picture are around for a long time, then the smartest thing to do is to store them in the cloud. Think of the cloud like a large filling cabinet that's fireproof, waterproof, and most importantly, childproof.
We send our emails overnight so that they're there first thing in the morning.
No. We retrieve pictures from websites where you currently have your pictures stored, such as Facebook, Google, and Flickr. If you use store your pictures with another picture storing service and would like to use MoreCutePics, then let us know. We may be able to add your picture provider. Email us for more information.
If you store your photos on Facebook, Google Photos, or Flickr, you can grant access to MoreCutePics after your sign up.
No. This site is a family business. In fact, we were the first users of this site and we're not about to sell our information or yours just to make a buck or two.
Yes. Once you sign up, you will access your own portal where you can manage your picture inventory. You simply select which albums will be candidates for MoreCutePics.com to send pictures from.
You can send up to five email addresses. You can always add more for a nominal fee. Email Us for more information.
Yes. You can print the picture. All email have a link to will take you to a printer-friendly version of the picture.
(Printer friendly means that you it won't print off the stuff from the email like "to" and "from" information)